Data Science

The most valuable companies of the next generation will leverage the ubiquity of data and the expertise of traditional sectors.

We empower you to be one of them.


Building AI powered solutions for specific industries is extremely complex. Success requires technical competences and a deep knowledge of domain and market.

the gap

Our purpose it to support entrepreneurs with the technical means and the resources to build the leaders of tomorrow.

We start ventures that operate as fully autonomous companies.

The HUB offers tailored analytics solutions for several industries. Through this process we identify common problems and their related opportunities. Then, partnering with industry leaders, we validate the creation of products/services which are verticals to specific markets.



Tailored analytics solutions for your business needs across different sectors. Specialized in natural language processing (NLP), audio processing, and computer vision.



Technical feasibility validation of new initiatives with industry leaders. Technical support and a network of investors to bootstrap and scale the new venture.

How do we work

Our role is extremely operational and hands-on. We exploit our shared resources to support and boost the new ventures with technical and market validation, products/services design, and customer development. Last but not least, our international network facilitates the attraction of investments and highly specialized workforce.

Discover the first vertical


Voiseed, a startup specialized in voice synthesis, is created from the combination of Deep Learning skills, experience in audio production pipeline and access to a great amount of high quality expressive data.

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We are constantly looking for new challenges.

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